#joiito drinking game!

(Tämä juttu on kirjoitettu poikkeuksellisesti englanniksi koska aihepiiri kiinnostaa varmaan niitäkin jotka eivät osaa suomea).

The almost one-year-old IRC channel #bloggaajat for Finnish bloggers was more ahead of its time than we originally thought. For last couple of days I’ve been hanging around with a bunch of A-list bloggers on #joiito at irc.freenode.org.

And what fun it is! Especially to see how excited people are about the wonders of IRC and everything related… Channel bots are evolving fast, people are logging to irc from where ever they can and the world starts once again to feel smaller.

Which brings me no other alternative than to present…. the #joiito drinking game! Drink when:

  • Social software is mentioned
  • Killer app is mentioned
  • Blogs and business are mentioned in same sentence (with IRC: drink twice)
  • The channel bot gets new features (which cause heated arguments: drink twice)
  • Somebody ircs from a conference (while giving a speech: drink twice)

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